Looking, feeling and living at the
top of your game


It's a synergistic blend of exercise, nutrition and top-notch healthcare.

Offering Non Invasive Cosmetic Enhancement NICE services on a scale worthy of your facility could cost over a half a million dollars in capital equipment and thousands of dollars in personnel costs plus all the overhead. With technologies rapidly improving along with the expectations of the client,what is the best way to meet the demand?

We provide outsourced equipment and expertise to select health care practitioners & high end spas entering the NICE business.

We deliver the safest, most effective technologies and methods.

Our medical records package provides your facility all the legal requirements and patient releases.

Our Team receives continuous training and education in the latest proven methods and technologies. Our Physicians are licensed, insured and in good standing.

We can help you spread the word to your members with marketing and sales support. We have banners, wall art, continuos loop DVD sales material, in addition to email flyers and more!