Our Mission

The MSS mission is to get you started, launch, monitor and improve your venture in the Non-Invasive Cosmetic Enhancement (NICE) business.

We know to reach our goal as a long term business partner we must create ongoing value, positive cash flow, possess minimal risks, yield a distinctive brand image and deliver outstanding patient satisfaction!

Our goal is for you to average $4,000 net profit (after all expenses) to your practice each day we serve you. Many of our partners achieve this in first 90 days, virtually all within a year. Many practices average $7,500 per month.


Our Values

Our people possess extensive business experience and top academic credentials. We build your Cosmetic Enhancement Business with these guiding Principles:
  • The treatments are safe.
  • The treatments are effective.
  • All elements of the treatments are FDA approved and compliant with all governing bodies.
  • The package value to the patient is greater than can be obtained elsewhere.
  • The treatments are profitable to your practice.
  • The treatments are performed in a professional environment by highly skilled licensed, insured professionals.
  • All records are complete and compliant.
  • Your practice staff understands and supports your practice mission in Non-Invasive Cosmetics Enhancements.
  • Your patients are delighted!
  • You are delighted!

Therefore together we will

Design a set of packages of NICE therapies that fits your practice and develop for you a sustainable competitive advantage.

We Will

We will communicate the message to your market and train your office on sales and follow up.


Do it with uncompromising ethics.


We continuously monitor what's working and what's not so we can tweak the execution and together achieve outstanding results.

Ask Our References!

We demonstrate teamwork, leadership, creativity, academic and practical excellence, rigorous professional and quality standards, technical proficiency, and self reliance. Together these yield excellent results for your practice.

MSS's greatest assets are the hearts and minds of our associates and our partners!


Our Success is Your Success

We design and implement an email marketing campaign that reaches your target population


Powerful marketing support materials

Medi-Spa Services sponsors company wide promotions that you are invited to participate.

We prepare the sales collateral and build the market.

Often these promotions packages are valued at twice our offering price!

You keep full revenue as a partner!

Brand Building Marketing Decore' for your Office

Stand-up Banners, up to 7 feet tall!

We can customize with your message

Coupons designed and customized

Design your patient waiting area as a tasteful, informative practice building center.

We have a DVD that demonstrates the most popular procedures.

It can be customized for your practice.


Design wall art that features your most desired treatments

We can craft a branding message as unique as you!


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